Don’t get left behind. The cannabis industry is ever-evolving with new goods, terminology, and processes. Now, more than ever it’s vital to stay on top of your game. Without a reliable source in the industry, it can be frustrating to have your questions left unanswered - like, what is craft cannabis and why is it important to know

That’s what the Craft Cannabis Club is all about. Answering your questions in a simple-to-understand manner, while connecting you to a like-minded community. So, let’s get started as your go-to source for everything craft cannabis. Download our beginner’s guide to ‘What is Craft Cannabis’ and find out how getting crafty can make a difference, for consumers and the industry, alike.

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A comprehensive guide explaining how craft cannabis differs from other cannabis goods on the market today. 

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An in-depth key to identifying craft cannabis from lesser-quality products.

The answer to how and why craft cannabis promotes sustainability.

In-depth information on how craft cannabis supports therapeutic effects for conscious consumption. 

The benefits of the craft cannabis industry, and how the Craft Cannabis Club can help.

Whether you’re canna-curious, canna-confident, or a canna-advocate, knowledge is power. So, keep up with this ever-changing industry, get educated, and be part of a like-minded community. Learn more about craft cannabis today, and how together we can break stigmas by supporting conscious cannabis consumption. Just enter your e-mail and name to download our FREE e-book to get started. 

"Craft Cannabis is the new craft beer industry and those most impacted by the disastrous War on Drugs must persevere to receive their seat at the table."

Earl Carruters
Founder & CEO, Craft Cannabis Club


Learn how to consciously consume craft cannabis for elevated and therapeutic results, with the support of a like-minded community.