Craft Box Unboxing

What you’ll discover in this Live Unboxing:

  • How the Craft Club hand-picks and curates specialty craft products monthly.
  • Why your therapeutic routines can benefit from fresh craft goods.
  • What specific types of products you can expect to receive from your Craft Box.

January Craft Box Unboxing

It’s your favorite time of the month…Craft Hemp Box time! Don’t wait until it arrives on your doorstep. Find out what’ll keep you cozy and relaxed this winter, with our LIVE unboxing event - join What’s in the Box, January edition!


The Craft Cannabis Club cultivates a complete cannabis experience that keeps your life rolling.
Along with a community of like-minded cannabelievers who come together to further the
movement AND enjoy one another’s vibes.

Connect with the Club socially to get the most of your membership! Our private Facebook &
Telegram channels are chock-full of craft convos for you to contribute to AND keeps you up to
date on all the latest club news.

Together, we CAN reduce stigmas and restore cannabis therapy. Are you in?

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